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After over a month of internal ranting and procrastination I’ve finally returned to my blog. 


The problem that has kept me away from this wonderful and hairsplitting little forum is that I haven’t been able to figure out exactly what I want to do with it. Do I write more long, heartfelt articles that end with a clever twist which nobody is ever bothered to read? Do I get a bit arty and write letters to my left-frontal-cortex about how disenchanted with the world I am?  Do I stop inspecting my navel and do something useful with my time? Like not obsessing over a blog that never gets written?


Two significant things have happened to get me motivated and back here. Firstly, I received some great feed back for an arts review I wrote recently in a Sydney street-press. Secondly, I started tweeting to the ABC, Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbot about the disappearance of climate change on the political agenda. Has anybody else noticed the magical reappearance of climate change in the political agenda? This is amazing!


Realising just how much weight my voice actually carries when I am actually bothered to move my thumbs has astounded me. And it’s motivated me. BOOOM!!!


So here’s what I’m gonna do. I’m going to stop whinging about stupidity and ignorance and start blogging about beauty and…well politicians. 


Now the nob-heads say that if you want to brand yourself successfully when your on the online, you should advertise each of your endeavors separately. This directly implies that “mixing pop and politics” (as Billy Bragg so eloquently put it) is a bad idea. But I say that I’ve always just done what I wanted anyway. That’s how I became a writer instead of a bean counter, which is awesome because I love writing and I’m really good at it and beans just give me gas anyway.


So here it is (for this week at least) my fantastic amazing super duper blog! Where I talk about the Sydney shows I’m covering at the moment as well as express my opinions about how backwards our society is. 


I really don’t see how the two are mutually exclusive.


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