Keep it Moving Along


Well well well campers. The election is over, the results nearly all in and Mr/ Fucking Abbott has already begus taking names. Weather he can legally get away with his sweeping reforms will be left up to the people. The fucker needs to be taken to court where he belonged the whole time. If anybody out there has the backbone to do it, his arse will hang and I will be happy.

But you don’t need me to tell you how wretched this country is going to become if people don’t get off their apathetic backsides and hit the streets in demonstration. There’s a million places you can turn to get your anger and disenchantment off your chest. Once you get over the initial fear of expressing irrational emotion, rather than letting it build up till your a withered old hunchback who spends their life screaming at stranger’s children in public paths, you will find that active defiance is incredibly satisfying.

But this post wasn’t meant to be about that. I’ve  been so caught up in the disaster of the election that all my doom saying has caused me to lose focus. So I’m going to say one last thing on the matter and leave it at that- To all those conservatives out there who called me crazy for warning them of the extremely backward reforms that Abbott would try to enact immediately after taking office. I fucking told you so. 

There, now I can move on.

It’s good to see the positives that come out of massive depression. In all the horrid rage and depression I felt over the last couple of weeks I have been forced to concede that I don’t have the answers. This is always where depression leads me. I just give up and find myself crying out to a god to show me the answers that I clearly don’t have. 

The less I know the more I learn. I have found myself in contact with some beautiful people over the last week who have reminded me of the importance of love and how I can never make a positive change in the world unless I am at peace.


Ahhhh, much better. I love you world. I don’t understand you, but the less I know the more I learn. And I am in love with learning. I’m so sorry that I’ve lost my momentum with creative writing. I am having a lot of trouble finding things to write about. It feels like I’ve lost my connection to my craft and I have to tap back into it. But I have learned over and over that I can trust you world, so I will. 

I am now going to let go of frustration that is born of assumed control and focus on my creative writing. From now on love comes first. If Mr. Abbott manages to bring the whole country crashing down around us and refusing to answer for it to the press, you will find me at my keyboard with love flowing from my fingertips. And if everything is ok and the world manages to solve the problems that it should have long ago, you will still find me at the key board with love flowing from my fingertips. I love you world. You give me creativity and I never feel more full than when I’m channeling you.

Love is powerful.


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